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First impressions of school last, so our play school and nursery classes offer the warm, happy and constructive introduction to set the children off to a good start.

We want children to feel happy, safe and secure in school.

Learning in the Nursery will take place through play – indoor and outdoor. The child’s natural curiosity will be developed through play activities which will allow for investigation, exploration and observation.

Through role play the children will be able to develop their imagination and will also be given the opportunity to become writers and readers at their own levels. The child’s confidence in themselves as readers and writers will be encouraged, although as yet this will be at the “play” stage.

We hope that you will continue this encouragement at home

Therefore our learning goals focus on what children need to learn and what they are expected to achieve by the end of the foundation stage.

To achieve these goals, our pupils learn through structured play, but we ensure that they enjoy a varied and stimulating balance between learning through play and more formal study such as mastering the alphabet, letter sounds and coming to grips with writing. They are then introduced to the world of a more structured teaching and learning of Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Art, Music and Physical Education.

We monitor the children’s activities through observation, discussion and recording. Through artwork, music, role-play and stories we hope to contribute to the children’s understanding of the wider world, the multi-cultural nature of the community and the way in which things alter with time.