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About Us

Shebah School, is a world class educational centre, with Christian core values. We are committed to providing parents a safe, warm and loving environment where their children can grow physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and socially, with the provision of full day care services for babies

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide within a caring environment a balanced instructional Nursery and Primary School program that will prepare all pupils to achieve their highest level of academic success.

At Shebah School, children are at the heart of everything we do and our aim is to create a friendly, happy atmosphere in an attractive and stimulating environment, where learning is a pleasurable activity, where confidence and self-esteem are developed, and where independence grows.We offer an academically oriented education program that is comparable to the best private schools in Nigeria.

Our educational philosophy and unique instructional methods is totally child centered and we believe in meeting and addressing the individual needs of every child.

Our aim is to identify and recognize the individual differences in children and to provide each child with a positive and complete educational experience. To achieve this goal, we maintain small class sizes a pupil/teacher ratio of about 10:1 in the nursery classes and 15:1 in the primary classes, with emphasis on individualized instructions at each class level.

Most of our teachers have 10 or more years of teaching experience, hold teaching certification and advanced degrees.

Our Management and academic team are highly educated professional and seasoned educators, who place a high value on education with a strong commitment to providing qualitative, consistent but affordable Nursery and Primary Education in a Christian setting to all children, our essence being, “Education for Time and Eternity in the School with a Heart.”